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Saina Srivastava, High Schooler in South Carolina

Volassis has been a huge help for me; helping me stay organized with my volunteer hours. I’ve had trouble keeping everything organized because of my schedule, and Volassis has really made things easier

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Swayam Dubey, High Schooler in Texas

I’m not the best at being organized, so when it comes to keeping track of my volunteer hours, I can forget sometimes. I’ve tried writing it down, using external websites, but nothing really suited me. However, once a friend recommended that I use Volassis, it became a breeze for me to track all my hours in its simple website design and easy to use interface.

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Aryan Wadhwade, High Schooler in Connecticut

Volassis really helped me stay organized in a high-end manner. I easily kept track of what I wanted to without a hassle. By keeping track of volunteer hours, we are able to go much faster. We are also able to perform much more complex tasks by using high end technology.

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