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To the right are the products we distribute to organizations.

A brief description of the system functionalities:

Main features for Admins:

1. Admins can approve/deny volunteer hours through the site.

2. Admins can keep track of the collective number of hours their organization receives.

3. Admins can post upcoming events of their organization through the site.

4. Admins can keep track of the number of volunteers.


Main features for Volunteers:

1. Volunteers can check in and check out through the site for a particular organization they are volunteering for.

2. Volunteers can keep track of their hours and the organizations at which they volunteer at.

3. Volunteers will have the chance to volunteer at organizations using this system.

Barcode Scanning System

We have integrated a Barcode System with our product for on premise installations. Through this, the entire volunteering check-in and check-out process becomes automated. Hours logged in through this system can be viewed through the mobile app and the website.


iOS and Android Mobile Application

Volassis is now available on the iOS and Android app store. 



Due to COVID, we have made a fully web based system for volunteers and admins to keep track of their volunteer needs. The link to the site is Please feel free create an account and explore through the site. 

If your organization has any upcoming events. Please let me know you you will be able to highlight them through Volassis.

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